Into the Heart of Bhutan

Bhutan, Himalaya

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Close  Built in 1644, the Paro Dzong is the administrative seat of the district of Paro.

Into the Heart of Bhutan

Bhutan is unsurpassed in its unique Himalayan beauty and vibrant culture. Set in the shadows of the world’s greatest concentration of mountain peaks, it is probably the last country on earth where modernisation hasn’t devalued social and cultural life. It is easy to appreciate the government of Bhutan’s decision to limit tourism to a few thousand visitors a year. If you want to be one of the few to see Bhutan then...


We Love
  • This 12-day tour with an opportunity to experience its culture and learn the secrets of achieving happiness
  • Rates quoted for the tour include 20% government taxes plus government royalties, sustainable tourism fund and visa fee (value approx £670 per person)
  • The journey in the East can be rough and the hotels basic but as you travel West, we have selected so of the best hotels available so you can enjoy the last few days of your holiday in luxury
Need to Know
  • Your international flights are not included.
  • While staying at hotels on bed & breakfast, we will provide lunch and dinner at local restaurants
  • We strongly recommend that you take travel insurance for this holiday
  • Some of the sights/itinerary may change due to season, weather, national holidays, and special events


Your adventure begins in Guwahati, India from where you drive through the remote corner of Eastern Bhutan, rarely visited by Western travellers. Those who do, describe it as a unique, deeply spiritual and mystical experience.

Eastern Bhutan is the remotest and the most interesting part of Bhutan, it is like travelling back into time. The people here have simple needs; they cultivate land to produce enough for the family, anything extra is shared with others in the market. They make their own cloth and their fashion is limited to oil soot they use as mascara. There is time to contemplate, pray in gompas and meditate. For entertainment they have religious festivals which are many and for the rest of the time they have free beer (the local brew).

Next, we journey into Central Bhutan via Himalayan passes offering great vistas and visit Bumthang, the most spectacular valley in Bhutan and also the heartland of Buddhism. Then travel to Tongsa to see the most impressive dzong in Bhutan and to Punakha, the winter capital located in a sub-tropical valley and visit the stunning Punakha Dzong.

We continue our journey to Western Bhutan, with a comprehensive touring in Thimphu, Bhutan's charming capital. Explore its many cultural attractions and important Buddhist highlights. The tour concludes in Paro but not before trekking to the Tiger's Nest, a breathtaking monastery clinging to a cliff that is one of the most important icons of Bhutan.

This is our most comprehensive tour of Bhutan. It is designed with an eye on photographers and those who would like to understand its culture, history and religion in more detail. The accommodation in smaller towns/ remote areas can be basic. Sometimes there might be only one hotel available. But we have selected some of the best 5 star accommodation in major towns, such as Uma in Punakha, Taj Tashi in Thimphu and Zhiwa Ling in Paro.

Max your Awim Ask us if you would like to incorporate a private day hike to rural villages and monasteries, activities like hiking, biking, archery, rafting, fly-fishing or golf, a private Bhutanese cooking lesson at a local home, a meeting with local specialist, a Bhutanese astrologer, or arrange a private meditation session with the monks.

Getting There

Flights are available to Bangkok or New Delhi from major UK cities on a variety of carriers. From there flights are with Druk Air. We will arrange your flight tickets and visa clearance details and forward them to the Druk office at the airport from which the flight originates.

If you are travelling by road, our representatives will meet you at Bagdogra airport in West Bengal, India to escort you to the land border at Phuentsholing and handle entry formalities for you.

Into the Heart of Bhutan Bhutan, Himalaya