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Close  Vishvanath Temple is one of the finest of the Khajuraho temples.

India Arts & Temples

The Indian Art developed on the Indian subcontinent from about the 3rd millennium BCE and one of the oldest cliff painting frescoes can be seen in the Ajanta Caves. At the turn of the first millennium CE two major types of temples existed, the northern style and the southern type distinguishable by the shape and decoration of the rising tower of the temple. However, the most popular amongst the tourists are the Khajuraho temples, built in the first century and famous for their erotic sculptures.


We Love
  • This 12-day tour can be customised for any traveller or families
  • Exclusive Tour: your own private multilingual guide and driver throughout the trip
  • Chauffeured air-conditioned vehicles for all transfers, excursions and sightseeing tours
  • Visit the fascinating temples of Khajuraho and the magnificent Taj Mahal
Need to Know
  • Your international airfare is not included. We can book your international and domestic flights. 
  • We strongly recommend that you take travel insurance for this holiday.
  • Domestic flights Khajuraho/ Varanasi/ Delhi/ Aurangabad/ Mumbai are included.
  • Taj Mahal is closed on Fridays. Ajanta Caves remains closed on Mondays, Ellora Caves remains closed on Tuesdays and Elephanta Caves remains closed on Mondays


This is the ultimate private tour of India’s most compelling art, architecture and ancient religious sites. Starting with Hindu’s religious site of Varanasi and Buddhist religious site of Sarnath, you will have the opportunity to visit and experience the fascinating art of the Chandela Empire. The Khajuraho temples are known worldwide due to their explicit depiction of sexual life during medieval times.

One of the remarkable things you will notice about Indian painting, ancient or modern, court or folk, is that it always depicts pleasure, whereas in the West, where there is far less suffering, art seems to specialise in torment, misery, and death; think of all the crucifications, the war scenes of Goya, the start realism and agony. In India, all art is for pleasure, and the greatest pleasure is dancing.

Delhi and Agra and Delhi reflect fine examples of the Moghul and British (Lutyen’s) influences on Indian architecture and culture. But it is in the caves of Ajanta and Ellora near Aurangabad, you will see the finest pieces of Buddhist art that attained the peak of its development during the 5th and 11th century AD.

The tour features in-depth private touring with expert local guides. Your itinerary is developed around the best of Indian lifestyle, including galleries, boutiques and bazaars. For your stay, we have selected palace-style hotels and luxury resorts.

Max your Awim A good time to visit Khajuraho is from September to March and especially during February/early March when a week long classical dance festival is held in Khajuraho. The festival attracts performers and dance groups from all over India and offers a captivating way of seeing the various classical styles of Indian dances. A large arts and crafts fair is also held during the festival.

Getting There

All major international airlines fly to India’s main airports: Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Airports tend to be on the outskirts of cities. Pre-paid taxi services and auto-rickshaws are stationed outside the terminus to get you into the city.

If you are travelling with AwimAway, transfers from an airport in India are arranged by our representatives who will meet you at the arrival lounge and transfer you to the hotel.

India Arts & Temples West, India