Maliau Basin Trek

Sarawak, Sabah, Borneo

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Close  Borneo is famous for its dense rainforest but fewer travellers are familiar with its idyllic beaches.

Maliau Basin Trek

This fascinating journey through rural and exotic Borneo offers a rich variety of wildlife, such as elephants, proboscis monkeys and, of course, orang-utan. Borneo tribes still practice ancient ways of life in harmony with their pristine surroundings, and rivers snake through the jungle past stunning caves, before finding the South China Sea at idyllic beaches. Start in Kuching Sarawak to Mulu caves and continue to the Tip of Borneo – Maliau Basin in north Sabah –and explore Borneo’s finest remaining wilderness.


We Love
  • This is a great tour for adventure enthusiasts and involves short treks in the Maliau Basin area but has lots of opportunities to swim at waterfalls
  • Experience Sarawak rainforest. Visit the Iban community and be entertained by them with traditional dances, music and drinking tuak (coconut wine)
  • Damain Beach Resort offers a wide variety of recreational activities/facilities for kids
  • Explore amazing caves in the Gunung Mulu National Park
Need to Know
  • Your international airfare is not included. We can book your international and domestic flights.
  • Maliau Basin region involves 7-8 km trek through the rainforest which at places is steep and will involve the use of aluminium ladders
  • The accommodation in Maliau Basin region is basic with bunk beds, showers and solar electricity
  • We strongly recommend that you take travel insurance for this holiday


This comprehensive tour of Borneo starts in the capital of Sarawak, Kuching.  Stay at the 4-Star Grand Margherita Hotel. Kuching’s only riverfront hotel and offers unrivalled views of the picturesque Sarawak River and of colourful Malay villages.

In Kuching, take a longboat trip upriver, visiting a longhouse and witness their celebration or gawai for a taste of Borneo. Continue to Sarawak’s Gunung Mulu National Park, where over millennia the flow of water drainage towards the sea has cut deep gorges through the Park’s limestone mountains forming a complex network of some of the most spectacular caves on earth. Explore the various caves and watch the amazing spectacle of a million bats rushing out of the cave.

Next fly to Kota Kinabalu and then drive to the mystical Maliau Basin, one of Malaysia's finest remaining wilderness areas. Bounded by a formidable escarpment reaching over 1,675m the almost circular Basin encompasses over 390 sq km of pristine forest, a virtually self-contained ecosystem, never permanently inhabited and with large areas still remaining to be explored. The whole basin is a single huge water catchment, drained by one river only, the Maliau River. The region is so remote that it is referred as Sabah’s Lost World.

Nature explorers will simply love the Maliau Basin as it is an excellent site for jungle trekking and bird watching. With your private guide, spend five nights to experience the wonders of this primary tropical forest. Take night drives for wildlife spotting and maybe explore areas where no human has yet set foot.

Getting There

A number of direct international airlines fly to Borneo’s two main airports; Kuching in Sarawak and Kota Kinabalu in Sabah. The two major airlines; Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia also operate domestic flights linking tourist destinations of interest. This has made getting around Sabah a lot easier and cheaper. With a little preplanning you can find a flight that will rival the local bus prices.

Maliau Basin Trek Sarawak, Sabah, Borneo