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Central & South America

As for weather South America is just too vast to generalise in terms of one ‘best time’ to see everything. We can however give you some helpful advice for specific areas and attractions.

The best time to visit the Galapagos Islands is February to April. During this period the weather and water are warm, the seas calm and the animals most active in their mating rituals. Whale watching is best in June and the Waved Albatross is only around between March and December.

The Inca Trail and Mach Picchu in Peru are most popular June – August, but if you can put up with it being a bit colder, April and May are less hectic. Both attractions are closed in February for maintenance. Elsewhere in Peru, the coast, including Lima are best in Summer (Dec – Mar) while the Amazon in general is better through the drier months of June to October.

Bolivia’s high plains can get very cold in mid-winter (June & July), but from July to September the jungles are more accessible and pleasant and it’s not quite so cold at altitude. It is worth knowing that many South Americans take their winter holidays in July.

Further south, Patagonia is most accessible in the Summer (Dec – Mar) when the days are long and relatively warm. Bear in mind though that the Argentines and Brazilians take their summer holidays in January and February and this surge in local tourism will drive up prices.

The months of January through April are the ideal time to visit Central America It is the dry season there and best just after the Ano Nuevo (New Year) festivities and before the Semana Santa (Holy Week) holidays. During this time, humidity will be less and the beaches more pleasant. Remember to stay away during the hurricane season from September to November. Visit Costa Rica from December to April, Belize from December to May and Guatemala from November to May.

Generally speaking, Mexico’s dry season runs from November to April. This is the best time to visit if you are planning on trekking inland and want to avoid the hurricanes that can hit the coast between June and October.

November is especially good for Yucatán travels, Villahermosa is sultry and humid all the time and San Cristóbal de las Casas is much cooler than the lowlands and is quite cold in winter.


This weather in Caribbean checker is intended only as a guide to countries based on rainfall, temperature and humidity. It doesn't reflect other considerations mentioned above - just the weather! The world's weather patterns are changing, so please use this guide as a rough guide only.

weather in south america
the weather in south america

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