Serengeti Under Canvas

Serengeti & Northern Tanzania, Tanzania

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Serengeti Under Canvas


Serengeti Under Canvas offers two luxury mobile tented camps, set up in remote area of the Serengeti plains, following the great wildebeest migration. The semi-permanent campsites are carefully set within the Serengeti National Park, to bring guests as close as possible to the migrating wildlife, for an ultimate view of this amazing animal spectacle. Staying at the Serengeti Under Canvas has the huge advantage of being at the right place at the right time, for game viewing all year round.

Each of the two mobile camps of Serengeti Under Canvas, feature nine classic Hemingway's style tents, with elegant finishes of Persian rugs and chandeliers, providing a 1920’s style African experience. Depending on the camp location, these are tucked amidst trees or on the banks of the Grumeti river, offering comfortable beds and private butler service. At Serengeti Under Canvas you are guaranteed to experience a classic Tanzanian safari in spectacular solitude and soothing comfort. 

Famed for its vast open grasslands and exceptional wildlife sightings, Tanzania’s magnificent Serengeti National Park boasts 35 species of plains-dwelling game, as well as prolific birdlife. Expert guides at the Serengeti Under Canvas follow the annual movement of wildebeest and other herbivores across the Serengeti-Mara ecosystems. Shadowed by predators and scavengers like lion, and hyena, as well as the more elusive cheetah and leopard, you can experience up-close the greatest spectacles of the natural world.

We Love
  • Serengeti Under Canvas offers raw 1920’s style African experience 
  • The rustic charm of camping is combined with comfort and luxury
  • Experience sightings of the Grumeti & Mara River crossings, wildebeest calving
  • Exceptional resident game, fantastic big cat sightings and magnificent night skies
Need to Know
  • Serengeti Under Canvas has 2 camps, each with 9 tents
  • Located in remote corners of the Serengeti National Park
  • Activities include chasing the great wildebeest migration 
  • Best for Honeymoon, Wildlife, Eco/ethical tourism


Stay Serengeti Under Canvas offers two luxury mobile camps. Each semi-permanent camp has nine tents. The large Bedouin style tents boast comfortable wooden beds with en-suite bathrooms, twin vanities, an outdoor bucket shower and wc. Custom-made Indian rugs, crisp linens, sparkling crystal and polished brass lend flair to the simplicity of camping. Every tent is assigned a personal butler who will cater to your every need during your stay. 

The Camp The luxurious tented camps of Serengeti Under Canvas move around the park year-round, attempting to anticipate the movements of the Great Migration. And yet, the main dining and living room are elegant and comfortable, with elegant finishes of Persian rugs and chandeliers reminiscent of the explorer area. Furnished with deep leather sofas for you to contemplate the vastness and peace of the surrounding Serengeti plains.

ChildCare Children of 12 years and above are welcome to stay at the Serengeti Under Canvas Camp. There are no specific facilities available for children but the guides are very good at adapting the day activities to keep their interest and provide a learning experience. 

Safari Serengeti National Park is home to over two million animals, including plains-dwelling mammals, carnivores and rich birdlife. The mobile nature of the Serengeti Under Canvas camps ensures that you get a close glimpse of the Great Migration and Serengeti’s rich wildlife. These include lions, and elusive cheetah and leopard. In addition, you will see zebra, eland and Thomson’s gazelle moving across to Kenya’s Masai Mara when the Serengeti experiences its dry season. 

Experience The main activity at the Serengeti Under Canvas is chasing the great migration on 4x4 game drives. Expert guides always try to find the best position from where guests can have a true wildlife experience. This requires years of intimate knowledge of the ample resident game and careful planning to bring guests within comfortable driving distance of the herds. Adventures further away from the park include fishing excursions at Lake Victoria and visit Olduvai Gorge. 

Serengeti Under Canvas Serengeti & Northern Tanzania, Tanzania

Location Serengeti Under Canvas moves throughout the Serengeti National Park, changing location to follow the movements of the Wildebeest migration (it will not move during your stay). Camp movements are pre-planned in an effort to be within reach of the herds, but this cannot always be guaranteed given the unpredictability of nature and weather conditions.

Getting There There are no direct flights from UK to Tanzania. Options include Kenya Airways from Heathrow to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi. From Nairobi it's then a 1-hour international flight to Arusha Airport. From Arusha, there are scheduled charter flights into the Serengeti airstrip nearest to the current position of the camps (Seronera, Ndutu, Grumeti or Kogatende). Guests will be collected and transferred to the camp.

When to go The best time to see the Great Migration at Grumeti is between June and July. Tanzania summer is from September to January while July is the coolest month. Rain generally occurs from March to May and again in November and December. January and February are again dry (the short dry season) so this is another good time to visit. Generally, temperatures are pleasant, sometimes rising above 32˚C / 90˚F and rarely dropping below 10˚C / 50˚F.