Caspian Coast Iran


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Caspian Coast Iran

The Caspian Coast in norther Iran, is a popular destination for its domestic tourists. Three provinces of Gilan, Mazandaran and Golestan which front the Caspian Sea are studded with resort complexes, leisure facilities and holiday homes. Interesting destinations include Rasht, the largest settlement on the southern Caspian Coast, a 1,000-year-old Masuleh village and Bandar-e-Anzali, a Caspian port. Nearby, Anzali lagoon is known for its rich variety of flora and fauna and aquatic life. 

Begin with a comprehensive tour of Tehran. Then travel along the Caspian Coast. Visit Masuleh Village an interesting site and Bandar-e-Anzali, famous for caviar and silk production. Also visit Anzali lagoon, with a rich variety of flora and fauna and aquatic life. Continue to Ardabil, an ancient city in Iranian Azerbaijan, where the oldest and largest carpet was found now seen at V&A Museum in London. Finish tour in Tabriz, once the Mongol capital in the 13th century.

And, visit Anzali Lagoon, one of the best locations in Iran for watching birds.

What We Love
  • Visit the Golestan Palace, one of the oldest of the historic monuments in Tehran
  • Enjoy the rich variety of flora and fauna and aquatic life of Anzali lagoon
  • Enjoy Shorabil lake, known for its mineral-rich water and migratory birds
  • Leisurely explore the Tabriz Bazaar, one of the oldest bazaars in the Middle East
  • Visit extraordinary villages of Masuleh and Kandavan, later looks like a termite colony
  • Relax in Sarein, the spa city with springs heated by inactive volcano in mount Sabalan
What to Know
  • This is a relaxed tour and designed for maximum outdoor experience.
  • Exclusive tour; guided privately by a multilingual guide throughout the trip.
  • Travel any day – shorten or lengthen the tour to suite your wishes.
  • We carefully select the world's best boutique tour companies in each destination.
  • We offer 24/7 support to give you complete peace of mind during your holiday.

Caspian Coast Iran

Tehran, Ramsar, Anzali, Tabriz
(12 Days – Travel Any Day)

Day 1 – Arrive
Tehran Meet and greet at Tehran’s international Airport and private transfer to your hotel in Tehran.
Overnight hotel of your choice (B)

Day 2 – City Highlights Tour
Tehran With your private guide and driver, visit the Golestan Palace, a world heritage site and one of the oldest buildings in Tehran. Next to the National Museum which houses objects from prehistory to Islamic era and the Crown Jewels Museum which has an impressive collection of some of the most famous and spectacular jewels in the world. The majority of the items on display were given to Safavid kings as gifts but many pieces were taken by Nader Shah on his conquest of India are also exhibited. These include the Darya-e Nur diamond, The Peacock Throne and the Jewelled Globe. Other pieces include the crowns of the Qajar and Pahlavi Kings. The last place we visit is Milad Tower with over 400m height.
Overnight hotel of your choice (B)

Day 3 – City Highlights Tour
Tehran Our second day in Tehran is dedicated to the North of the city and its highlights. This is where the Iranian upper class lives but we will be visiting Sa’adabad and Niavaran Palaces, the residence of Iran’s last Shahs (monarchs) and their household. Sa’adabad Palace is a complex consisting of 20 mansions (now used as museums) dispersed inside a vast garden at the foot of Darband Mountain. Niavaran Palace built during Qajar and Pahlavi eras is a smaller palace housing monuments where royal belongings and artistic works are on display. Then, we experience the local life in a cozy Tajrish Bazaar and Darband Recreational Area.
Overnight hotel of your choice (B)

Day 4 – Caspian Coast
Ramsar In the morning, we drive to Ramsar, a small city on the coast of the Caspian Sea, through one of the most scenic roads in Iran; the Chalous Raod that connects Tehran with the North and used by the locals during the holidays. In Ramsar, we will enjoy activities such as riding a cable car and watching spectacular views or strolling along beautiful Caspian Coast.
Overnight hotel of your choice (B)

Day 5 – Via Lahijan
Anzali In the morning we visit Mar Mar Palace in Ramsar. This palace located inside a pleasant garden was built by the order of Reza Shah. Then, we drive to Lahijan, a Caspian sea resort to visit the shrine of Sheikh Zahed Gilani, a highly revered 13th century Sufi Master, and also visit Tea farms.
Overnight hotel of your choice (B)

Day 6 – Masuleh Tour
Anzali Today, we take a private excursion to one of the most picturesque and unique villages in Iran, Masuleh. The buildings here have been built into the mountain and are interconnected in a way that courtyards and roofs both serve as pedestrian areas and streets. After Masuleh, enjoy a boating experience in the Anzali Lagoon, one of the best locations for watching birds in Iran. Explore the Anzali fish market to get the feel of the local shopping experience.
Overnight hotel of your choice (B)

Day 7 – Touristic City
Astara In the morning we drive to Astara, a touristic city with strong economy having borders with Republic of Azerbaijan and western coast of Caspian Sea. Today, we visit the interesting border market and then we take a walk along the coast.
Overnight hotel of your choice (B)

Day 8 – City of Spas
Sarein We leave Astara and head towards Sarein, Iran’s city of spas. On our way to Astara, we visit Sheikh Safi Shrine, a world heritage site, in Ardabil. Sheikh Safi was a Sufi Master of 13th and 14th century and the great ancestor of Safavid kings. We also visit the Ethnographic Museum of Ardabil. Then, we drive on to Sarein to relish in its hot springs.
Overnight hotel of your choice (B)

Day 9 – Kandovan Tour
Tabriz In the morning, take a private transfer to Tabriz, one of most important cities in Iran in terms of history, culture and economy. Tabriz is the main city for the Azeri People, the biggest ethnic minority in Iran with Turkish origin.

After lunch and some rest, we take an excursion to Kandovan Village, almost 60km from Tabriz. Kandovan like Masuleh is a unique settlement famous for its scenic beauty, but also its uniqueness that comes from the fact that many of its homes have been made in caves inside cone-shaped rock-formations. Thus making the complete village look like a gigantic termite colony. Return to Tabriz.
Overnight hotel of your choice (B)

Day 10 – Half-Day City Tour
Tabriz Take a private half-day city tour of Tabriz to visit blue mosque, Shah-Goli Pavilion, Azerbaijan museum and the world heritage site of the magnificent grand bazaar. If time permits, we will also visit Azerbaijan Museum, the oldest museum in Tabriz and the Constitution House which was used as the commanding headquarters by the movement of Tabriz people almost a century ago.
Overnight hotel of your choice (B)

Day 11 – World Heritage Churches
Jolfa Today, we will take an excursion to the city of Jolfa to visit St. Stephen Cathedral and St. Marry Church. These churches are listed as the world heritage sites under the title of Armenian Ensembles. Then, we take in the beautiful scenery of Aras River on the border before driving back to Tabriz.
Overnight hotel of your choice (B)

Day 12 – Depart
Tabriz Take a private transfer to the airport and connect with your onward flight.

Caspian Coast Iran Iran

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When to go Visits to the south coast of Iran are best made in the winter months of December, January and February when humidity and heat levels are at their lowest, while spring (March to mid-May) and autumn (mid-September and October) are the best times to travel around central and northern Iran. Tourists visit Iran during the summer months (June - September) for the sunshine and regional festivals, and during the winter months (November - March) for skiing. So no matter what time you choose to go, Iran is a great place to travel all year round.

Getting There The vast majority of travellers fly to Tehran and return from there but some travellers end their trip in Shiraz, saving some backtracking. Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKIA) sees most of Iran’s international air traffic. It’s small, so delays are possible. Elsewhere, Shiraz, Esfahan, Bandar Abbas and Kish are (in that order) potentially useful arrival or departure points. Iran Air, the government-owned carrier, it offers service with an Islamic flavour (ie no pork, no alcohol).

Visa British nationals need a visa to travel to Iran. You should lodge your visa application with the Iranian Embassy in the UK, well in advance of your date of travel. The application process for an Iranian visa can be long and unpredictable.